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This girl is a cutie :3

~To-Do list~

Latest Update: 27th of August

Key to read the meanings of the bars: Animation | Art

Progress Bar - Finished by Oceannist - Needs finishing touches, soon done! | Adding some effects and soon completed! (90-100% completed)
Progress Bar - Shading by Oceannist - Doing backgrounds/markings | Shaded or working on the background (80% completed)
Progress Bar - Coloring by Oceannist - Done the basic linearting and colouring | Coloured or working on the background (60% completed)
Progress Bar - Inking by Oceannist - Sketched the animation fully | Linearted (40% completed)
Progress Bar - Sketching by Oceannist - Done the Storyboard | Sketched (20% completed)
Progress Bar - Starting by Oceannist - Haven't started (0% completed)


:bulletwhite: - Transparent background
:bulletblack: - Simple background
:bulletpurple: - Detailed background

:bulletred: - Sausage style
:bulletpink: - Chibi
:bulletpink::bulletgreen: - Semi Chibi
:bulletgreen: - Normal style
:bulletblue: - Anthro
:bulletyellow: - Cat realism

:bulletorange: - Other/Gift/Secret

$ - Paid via PayPal
:points: - Paid with Points
:star: - Speed Paint


??ArtTrade with snowflake95 of Lucifer - Progress Bar - Starting by Oceannist

:bulletorange: Path of Stars page 19 - Progress Bar - Starting by Oceannist


:bulletorange: (Planty custom) for :iconxhollyleaf470x: - Progress Bar - Starting by Oceannist :points:

:bulletpurple::bulletpink::bulletgreen: of Waterflower & Flareheart (tabbies, heart on the chest, fluffy tails, bangs that are on the left side) for :iconxhollyleaf470x: - Progress Bar - Starting by Oceannist :points: :star:

:bulletblack::bulletpink::bulletgreen: of Francis and David playing for :iconetched-heart: - Progress Bar - Starting by Oceannist :points:

:bulletorange: (Planty custom) for :icongalacticcommanderkat: - Progress Bar - Starting by Oceannist :points:

:bulletorange: (Planty custom) for :icongalacticcommanderkat: - Progress Bar - Starting by Oceannist :points:

:bulletorange: (Planty custom) for :iconemijuthefinnartist: - Progress Bar - Starting by Oceannist :points:

:bulletpink::bulletgreen::bulletwhite: **gonna fill later**


:bulletwhite: - Simple background
:bulletblack: - Detailed background

:bulletred: - Sausage style
:bulletpink: - Chibi
:bulletgreen: - Normal style
:bulletblue: - Anthro
:bulletyellow: - Cat realism

:bulletorange: - Other/Gift/Secret

$ - Paid via PayPal
:points: - Paid with Points


:bulletorange:Leafpool X Crowfeather AMV - Progress Bar - Inking by Oceannist (2/12 parts sketched)


The Part That Hurts The Most OC MAP part 30 - Progress Bar - Inking by Oceannist (no deadline currently)

Always Gold OC PMV MAP parts 13, 14 & 15 - Progress Bar - Starting by Oceannist (10th of September)

Hang On Female Warrior cats MAP part 17 - Progress Bar - Starting by Oceannist (No deadline)

The Heart Wants What it Wants Leafpool X Crowfeather MAP part 19 - Progress Bar - Starting by Oceannist (No deadline yet)

I'm Sorry for your Parents Hollyleaf and Breezepelt MAP part 19 - Progress Bar - Starting by Oceannist (10th of September)


:bulletwhite::bulletblack::bulletgreen: 30sec animation for :icondramaticalkitty: - Progress Bar - Coloring by Oceannist (half of the video apart from backgrounds and lipsyncing done, other half must be sketched) :points:

~My epic Cuties~



People I've met in real life

The Six Bros

Besties, who all mean the world to me

Other awesome friends of mine

Sorry if any of you is missing from this list; I'll add you right away when I remember you or consider that you have became a friend of mine!:3


~Groups that I'm in + the characters I roleplay there~

:bulletpink: - Female
:bulletblue: - Male


Duststar | :bulletpink: | :bulletred:FeatherClan:bulletred: | Leader (Need to update her application)
Duskflower | :bulletpink: | :bulletred:FeatherClan:bulletred: | Senior Warrior
Sorrelpaw | :bulletpink: | :bulletred:FeatherClan:bulletred: | Apprentice
Flamedapple | :bulletpink: | :bulletyellow:SparkClan:bulletyellow: | Warrior
Redwillow | :bulletpink: | :bulletyellow:SparkClan:bulletyellow: | Warrior
Ripplewing | :bulletpink: | :bulletblue:MistClan:bulletblue: | Warrior
Burningpaw | :bulletblue: | :bulletblue:MistClan:bulletblue: | Apprentice
Shadestream | :bulletpink: | :bulletpurple:TornadoClan:bulletpurple: | Warrior
Snowkit | :bulletpink: | :bulletpurple:TornadoClan:bulletpurple: | Kit
Froststar | :bulletpink: | :bulletblack:ClawClan:bulletblack: | Leader
Persephone | :bulletpink: | Kit (Loner)

TsC - Leaf point tracker by FlareAKACuteFlareon


Petalstar | :bulletpink: | :bulletyellow:LindenClan:bulletyellow: | Leader
Rushkit | :bulletpink: | :bulletyellow:LindenClan:bulletyellow: | Kit
Fernflight | :bulletpink: | :bulletgreen:BirchClan:bulletgreen: | Medicine cat
Sunflower | :bulletpink: | :bulletgreen:BirchClan:bulletgreen: | Warrior
Lavenderpaw | :bulletpink: | :bulletgreen:BirchClan:bulletgreen: | Apprentice (Need to update her application)
Mosscloud | :bulletpink: | :bulletblue:WillowClan:bulletblue: | Warrior
Blossomshade | :bulletpink: | :bulletred:PineClan:bulletred: | Warrior
Fernpaw | :bulletpink: | :bulletred:PineClan:bulletred: | Apprentice



Normal style with transparent background + Speed Paint
For Starfalls (smt, sorry I am on my phone!) To pay~
Semi-chibi, transparent background
For NeoCodesters to pay ^^
Thing for Shiny c:
For Shiny to pay~
For kitten YCH
For GalacticCommanderKat to pay~

Random Box of Love appeared <3

Hai you People, Its me :iconstormerrr96: Here hacking my girlfriend c:
I just wanted to Say that, Flare. You're the reason I fight, The reason I love, The reason I can stand each day ^^ Your Cheery attitude, Your happy mood, Your positive outlook on life...all of them things that make me fall in love with you each and every day over and over again..~ :heart: And yeah, I just wanted to say that I love you Flare, I'll stay with you till the end :heart: Nothing can break you apart from me, nothing in the whole world..~:heart: I'll Fight for you, i'll stand up for you, and I will always be here to support you and help you~! I swear ^^
And Yeah, In short...Flare I love you, From the bottom of my heart. I love you Purely and Truly 110% You're Amazing, Beautiful, Charming, Gorgeous, Stunning and a lot more :heart: You're undescribeable..and Yeah, I love you.
Mina Rakastan Sinua Koko sydämestäni..:heart: ^^

Hmm..Imma add more things here cause why not, Flare, You're The first person I think of in the morning, and last one I think of when I go to bed, You're the thief that stole my heart and my mind, I just love you indescribeably~ :heart: And yeah, Im so glad I will see you again quite soon, I will make every moment with you better than the last, I promise :heart: ~<3

Psst...Im here again c; Just thought to drop a message here~ Cause why not :3
No matter what struggles we may face, I will always be with you through it all <3 We've both been through a lot...that noone of us deserved to suffer through, but it all lead up to that we met, and I wouldn't change a moment of it <3 When we move together I will make sure that you can work on what you truly love, That is art ^^ Im always here to support you and listen, no matter what. I always have time for you <3 Just thought to add a little bit here..~ Love ya tons ^^ :heart:

Even if there is an ocean keeping your heart from mine, that doesn't mean I don't think about you all the time...
I'm counting the days till I see you again, and somewhere I know you are too...Whererever you are, no matter how far. I promise I will not give up on you and I won't leave you...I love you..~ :heart:

Now now, it has been a while since I was here :3 Hasn't it eeh~? :heart:
Idk I just wanted to drop by, cause its been so long x3; Durrr..~
I love you Minttu, and no matter what we may get into, or argue about, I don't care cause at the end of the day all that matters is that we aren't mad with eachother <3 And I can never be mad at you any longer than just a Minute, if even that...<3 You mean the world to me and more and I just am so happy that I got you in my life~
We have our ups and downs, but more ups I feel, and thats what matters ^^ I love you girl, I really do, And I hope we will just go upupupup all the time..~ :heart: So the downs don't matter, cause as said, At the end of the day, all I care about is that we are at peace with eachother :heart: ^^ I guess thats what I wanted to say for now..~ I shall come back here soon :3 <3 Love ya girl, Stay strong~ ^^ :heart:

Teenee ive hidden 6 hearts on your page :3c Try find them all~
And Im so happy I will see you soon (in15dayscoughcough) And I promise I will make this summer even better than the last one..~ <3 I know you can handle everything that gets thrown at you ^^ And I will be here to support you like you support me, No matter what <3 I always will come running for you if you need my help..~ :heart: Always <3 ^^ And yeah, I just wanted to poof on your page and do my magic :3 I love you giiirl..~ I truly do :heart:

Hai Sweetie~ <3 I just want to thank you for the best summer of my life, I hope there will be more to come~ I had such a great time with you for such a long time ^^ And I feel it was sorta a test to pass aswell, and we both got through just fine~ c: Thank you for letting me into your life sweetie, sorry short message, just wanted to say what popped into my mind~ <3 :heart: And I hope I'll be in your life for the rest of mine ^^

Psst, Just wanted to pop by here and say that I love you more than anything sweetie <3 I say it so much here like gees xD But afterall, it Is a box of love~ :heart: And I can't wait to see your brillaint face light up the room as I see you in October..~ <3 ^//^ Love ya my girl..~ :heart:

Here we go again, I feel im running out of things to say~
Wait..that can never happen because I got plenty of things to say about you :3 You can never get all the good things about you into words, I know we have our ups and downs.. ^^ <3 But in the end, we always get on even ground again..Don't worry about a thing okay? You're perfect for me and I hope I get to stay with you <3 Love ya my girl :heart: can't wait to see you next month :3



THE VERY GLORIOUS BITCH AKA :iconshinylikesnow:/ShinyLikeSnow

I am here just to simply say that Flare is seriously one of the very best friends I´ve ever come across with on the internet andDanieltooofc

Flare is the most loving and caring person ever, she always puts others ahead of herself and she touches our hearts with her beautiful voice. This girl is literally gold on the outside and the inside. Even I love her like my lover, and I´m straight. P:

Break this girl´s heart and I´ll make sure to put enough rubber bands around you head to make it explode......<:

Okay, I´m done <: probably coming sometime later to write more threatening stuff <3

- Shiny/Silje :heart:

Happy birthday Minttu by ShinyLikeSnow



Artist | Student


Name: Flare
Age: 19
Birthday: 1st of January
Looks like: [link]
State: Single
Crush: :3 <3
Boyfriend: ---

Hiz for everyone and welcome to my DeviantArt account~ ^^

:bulletgreen:I am CuteFlareon from YouTube
:bulletyellow:I'm self taught Artist (both drawing and animation)
:bulletgreen:I love drawing and animating:heart:
:bulletyellow:Also music and singing are big part of my life
:bulletgreen:I've nearly never had proper ArtBlock
:bulletyellow:I'm at High School and there on ArtLine
:bulletgreen:I go at ArtSchool where I study/focus on Comics and Animating
:bulletyellow:I can speak Finnish and English
:bulletgreen:Don't be afraid to drop Note or comment for me, since I'll reply with 99,99% chance~

Every single new positive comment makes my day:heart:
Also I appreciate every single favorite, comment, Llama & watcher :heart:

Thank you for any of them :tighthug:

Programs I use:

:bulletgreen:PaintTool SAI - for drawing (mainly)
:bulletyellow:MS Paint - for drawing (sometimes/rarely)
:bulletgreen:Adobe Flash professional CS6 - for animating
:bulletyellow:Windows live Movie Maker - for editing
:bulletgreen:HyperCam2 - for recording
:bulletyellow:Sony Vegas pro - for cutting music could use it for editing but lolnope

:bulletgreen: - Open
:bulletyellow: - On Hold
:bulletred: - Closed

:bulletred:Art Trades:bulletred: | :bulletgreen:Commissions:bulletgreen: | :bulletred:Requests:bulletred:

:bulletgreen:Commission prices: [link]
:bulletgreen:Animation Commission prices: [link]
:bulletred:Planty Custom prices: [link]

Find me from:

:bulletgreen:YouTube - CuteFlareon
:bulletyellow:Weasyl - CuteFlareon
:bulletgreen:Facebook - CuteFlareon - CuteFlareon
:bulletgreen:Livejournal - ChibiFlare
:bulletyellow:e-mail -
:bulletgreen:Skype - CuteFlareonFanSkype (my fan Skype, which is freely open for everyone)

Boxiness by FlareAKACuteFlareon

Those cute animated dolls for me:heart: which I should use more often
Very first self-made Journal doll by FlareAKACuteFlareon
Bounce bounce~ by snowflake95Oh, hai there~ by EmijuTheFinnArtistgift for Flare by snowflake95.:CO:. Flare JD by Freeze-pop88I Wanna Be The Very Best by MintIeafs
journal doll for Flare by snowflake95Journal Doll - FlareAKACuteFlareon by HomohelvettiThe Weather's the Same .:PC:. by MintIeafsGIFT| Minty Meow by DevilsRealmFlaREAkacuteflareon by SkittyStrawberries


1st week lived on my own + Real school next week!

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 27, 2015, 9:53 AM

Hiz cuties~

I was going to make journal how my life on my own has begun a bit earlier but my life started straight away as a crazy blow and it just took me along :'3 So I haven't exactly had a time to type any proper updates, so sorry about that!;w;

But I now decided to stay at home just because I'd have some time on my own + I could get a chance to type up this journal I have wanted to type for few days now :D

I moved in Kouvola 100%:ly last week and now it has came to a full week that I have been here and I gotta say that I have adapted living on my own and such rather well actually~ :la:
This city is so lovely and I really like it here! This is still so new place for me so there's still bunch of things left to see :D So I haven't ran out of curiosity just yet!

I am not sure have I said any word about my room/appartment mate but I gotta say that the other one I have met, she's cool! She took me on the first day I got here into a "soft swording"...It is kinda alike live roleplay where you literally flail and hit others with literally soft swords so it is pretty safe game :D
And I really enjoyed~ Probably the best kind of exercise I could think of :XD:

As for my second appartment mate, I haven't yet met her but my other appartment mate said that she is coming next Sunday! So I'll see her then...

Then last monday I started my school!
Well in my title it says "real school next week" and what I mean by that is that I start my actual school oooor university next week :D

This week has been mainly "getting to know into stuff" -kind of week so I have got to know my class mates, how things work in the school and so on~

So far I really love it!
My class is lovely, like I am going to say straight ahead that this is the best group of people I've ever came up with! We get along and I think we got very lovely team spirit, at least for starters... Hopefully it will develop even greater!

For specific "friends", as I said I am getting along with nearly every student of the class, I have no problem with it but of course I got from one to five different people I hang "mainly" with...If that makes sense? So I am not lonely and I have even managed to match with one of the older students :XD: Like she said pretty neatly: "You're most likely some kind of soul sister that I had yet to find!"....Or something alike that :D

Oh and talking about friends, I have been out for few last days (which explains my inactivity) out with my class mates, getting better to know them and also just spend some lovely actually social time with them :meow:
Some of them actually even got DeviantArt!...Which reminds me I should go and give them a watch back since aaah everyone is so unique in their own way :''3

I bet Univeristy is going to be bunch of work but I'll ensure to keep my activity at least around the same as I have had it around here :D
So if someone is worried that I am about to die, no worries <3 I am going to balance my time between schoolwork and my own works and commissions~ :dummy: And I hope it will work out!:la:

Thanks for reading and for your wonderful support~ :heart:
Without you I wouldn't even be this far :huggle:

  • Mood: Zest

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

:bulletorange: - Question
:bulletblue: - Answer

:bulletorange:What programs do you use for drawing?:bulletorange:

:bulletblue:PaintTool SAI (Mainly)
:bulletblue:MS Paint 7 (time by time)

:bulletorange:Can I be your friend?:bulletorange:

:bulletblue:I have became more...careful with this. Not everyone will get into my world that easily; Becoming friends doesn't happen in one night and I pretty much act the same to you as you act for me. So if you manage to confident me that you're worth as a friend material, I may start developing our 'upcoming friendship'.

:bulletorange:What do you use for colouring your traditional pictures?:bulletorange:

:bulletblue:Promarkers :meow:

:bulletorange:Are requests open?:bulletorange:

:bulletblue:No, they are not open freely anymore. If you want a picture for sure, commission me one! But I won't accept requests, apart if I host a raffle or do few requests on either Livestream or

:bulletorange:Do you use tablet?:bulletorange:

:bulletblue:Yes, I do use tablet ^^

:bulletorange:What kind of Tablet do you use and is it good?:bulletorange:

:bulletblue:I use Trust-marked tablet ^^
In my opinion it's very good tablet :D Since it's my first one... I can't say if any tablet-mark else is more worse or better ^^' so yeah

:bulletorange:Can I be in your videos?:bulletorange:

:bulletblue:It depends on few things;
1st Are you good friend of mine, since I don't much like adding strangers into my videos xD''
2nd Do I have picture of you, which I have made by MYSELF
And why I don't use others pictures, the reason is way too simple; I want my videos to be as original and as own made as possible

:bulletorange:Can I make/do FanArt/Gift for you?:bulletorange:

:bulletblue:Ofcourse you can ^^ You don't even have to ask for so said "premission" to do that~ Every kind of FanArt/Gift goes perfectly for me!

:bulletorange:Can we roleplay?:bulletorange:

:bulletblue:Depends on few things:
1st, I don't do OC roleplays so much anymore. I only roleplay now through groups so if you wish to roleplay with me, join in one of the groups I am in!
2nd, If I have too many roleplays going on, I'll most likely deny your request xD'' But then again, try your luck a bit later!

:bulletorange:Can you join my Group?:bulletorange:

:bulletblue:...Sorry I am very picky when it comes to groups since I don't want to overload myself with roleplays since drawing is still the main thing I do

:bulletorange:Could you be co-founder or contributor of my Group?:bulletorange:

:bulletblue:Please, don't send these requests for me ^^; I'll deny them pretty much right away.
The reason is the same as above + I am already admin of 8 groups... So I wouldn't like an extra load on my shoulders thank you.


Lets turn the previous poll kinda vice versa: If YOU could decide what I would be to you, what would I be to you? 

22 deviants said Friend
22 deviants said Good Friend
15 deviants said Close Friend
8 deviants said Stranger
7 deviants said Someone I knew better
5 deviants said Acquaintance
2 deviants said Girlfriend
1 deviant said Crush
1 deviant said Enemy
No deviants said Something else


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Soturikissat fanina oon tutkiskellu noita MAPeja Tubessa ja huomasin sun arttia ens kertaa sielä. Sul tyyli on tosi uniikki ja sulonen! Sinä monen muun animaattorin tavoin oot tosi lahjakas siinä mitä teet! Vaikka mä en paljoo faveta ja kommaa sun kuvia niin katselen niitä usein ja videoita katselen aina kun teet! Oot yks, joka inspiroi mua animoinnissa. Oon aikas alottelija sillä saralla, mutta harjoittelen kun kerkeän. Tässä tämän vuoden aikana ajattelin perustaa oman YouTube kanavan.

Eli tiivistettynä kiitos ja jatka samaan malliin!~ Uusia kuvia ja videoita odotellessa :heart:
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I FOUND YOU //breathes

Could you possibly check out my
group and give advice maybe? :iconclansofthedesert:
Its new so it looks like crap and people are still working on
application e.e
I really need advice 
Its about four clans: Scorchclan, Cactusclan, Snakeclan, and Coyoteclan
that live in the desert :3
FlareAKACuteFlareon Featured By Owner 6 hours ago  Student
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and contraz on finding me?xD
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