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October 2, 2013
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City of cats - Sunset chat by FlareAKACuteFlareon City of cats - Sunset chat by FlareAKACuteFlareon
Gosh this picture sure took ages!
But it was worth of it :D I'm very pleased by the outcome~ So yupyup ^^

Hehe this picture don't seem fimilar to anyone? Maybe that the reason could be it that it's scene from :iconstormerrr96:'s and mine roleplay, which is called "City of Cats" or just shortly "City cats" :meow:

I've always wanted to draw something out from it since it's very very interesting and even though it's just a roleplay, we've nothing already planed ahead of us: we just let the flow to take us :3
This roleplay has been going on since around July...or so...Even from June and it's still not finished :XD: I guess if it was written as a story, we would be only halfway of writing it~
Actually I would love to if this roleplay would be maybe get printed as a book in the future :D Since I bet you guys would enjoy to read it as much as we do enjoy roleplaying it :la: It's even pretty original, apart from that some sayings and stuff should be changed since the fact they're a bit Warriorish...But 95%:ly the story is fully ours including characters

You can read the picture's roleplay scene from here:

Startled Mint (White-and-tortoishell she-cat with Lime green eyes) gazed upwards and spotted the white tom. "He at least is fighter of his own worth" Silver (Silver-and-tortoishell she-cat with turqouise eyes) mewed more snappy tone than few moments ago and turned towards Frost. "Unlike YOU"
''Ouch, That was a low Blow.'' Frost (Icy bluish-white tom with Ice blue eyes) said a bit louder and stood up looking down at Silver ''No need to be so Bitchy Silver'' He said and laughed
Silver hissed. She was obviously unhappy by the tom's appearance. "Says you" She mewed sharply and just stood still on her place showing no signs of attacking.
Mint stared at her and then Frost and again back at Silver being half-scared again.
Frost smirked and said ''Oh C'mon, we've had fun you and I..You can't stay annoyed at me Girl~'' he said teasing her and looked down at Mint ''You okay there?'' he asked
"Y-yea, I'm okay.." Mint muttered and Silver bristled little bit though she reminded calm. "Yeah, that one night stand wasn't really meant to h-happen.." She mewed flicking her tail tip. "I won't say it wasn't bad though"
Mint stayed quiet her ears prickling slightly by curiosity.
''Sure it wasn't mean to~ That's why you asked me to take you right there and right now?'' Frost said and smirked briefly ''You almost begged me it seemed..~'' he finished briefly.
Invisibly Silver clawed some moss from the street while Mint started to wonder whether she should go or stay. "If I really begged you so badly then why you appeared approaching me first?" Silver asked lifting her eye brown.
''Since I noticed you've been checking me out quite a lot and your friends Told me you like me~'' he said right back at her and grinned
Without warning Silver leaped up on the brick wall beside Frost her eyes blazing by annyoined anger. "And you walk around and mate every single one you come face to face with?" She asked hint of challenge in her tone and poked his chest sharply. Mint still sat there on the street and couldn't help but smile by amusement as she followed the pairs arguing.
''I do Not do that Girl~ Or do you go around and mate with every TOM that gets close to you?'' He said and smirked then got nose to nose with Silver ''Just Admit that you still Love me~'' He smirked and gave her nose a quick lick


As I said already, I'm very pleased with this pictures outcome :boogie:
Though those bricks nearly drove me crazy since the complicatement :XD: But I'm proud of myself for standing and being patient while finishing colouring, shading and high lighting them :dummy:
This is one of those rare backgrounds I've even bothered to lineart and I can tell it gives quite nice and clean out come :meow: I pretty much don't have anything to wail about this picture~ Everything seems exactly like that I wanted and not quite :D

Now excuse me, I need to do some random backgrounds for change, since this took for a while to do :XD:
Maybe I would do that one commission...~
But I hope you like it~ (The picture and the Story/piece of Roleplay)

Art (c) me
Silver & Mint (c)
Frost (c) ~Stormerrr96
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Scornheart Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2014
Omg cute! Who are they
FlareAKACuteFlareon Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2014  Student
The cats are Frost (pale icy blue tom), Silver (silver tabby she-cat) and Mint (white and tortoiseshell she-cat)
Scornheart Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2014
COOL! Do they have a backstory?
FlareAKACuteFlareon Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2014  Student
In the description, there is bit from the roleplay this has been drawn out from so yeah, they belong in roleplayed story and each of them has some kind of backstory :3
Scornheart Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2014
KittyKlaws Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2014
adorable :3
FlareAKACuteFlareon Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2014  Student
Thank you~ :3
KittyKlaws Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2014
yesh ;3
LucatheSylveon Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
cool rp!!!

i luv rping X3
FlareAKACuteFlareon Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2013  Student
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