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March 19, 2013
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Fallpetal - REF/Application for The-Six-Clans by FlareAKACuteFlareon Fallpetal - REF/Application for The-Six-Clans by FlareAKACuteFlareon
:new:Updated her description completely + added history at last + updated Relationships, removing some not so important characters from her life (from StarClan section) and added new ones

Name: Fallpetal
Age: 17 moons (1year 5months)
Gender: She-cat (female)

Clan: FeatherClan
Rank: Warrior

Appearance: white-and-tortoiseshell she-cat with bright Lime Green eyes.

Personality: Fallpetal is sweet, warmhearted, cheerful and kind she-cat. She is very energetic too but since her past events from her history, she has calmed down, becoming more respectful warrior who keeps her nose out from trouble. She has pure loyalty for her Clan and she is ready to defend it with her life. She is scared of losing the ones that are close to her yet she has already lost the closest for her, including her family. 

??? - Mother
??? - Father
Autumnpaw - Brother

Mate: **None**
Kits: **None**

Mentors (from newest to oldest):
former - Oakshade
former - Gorseblaze
former - Tigerflight

current - Tinderpaw

Fall and Autumn were born for two loners who lived outside of the Clans. Their life was peaceful until their mother died and two siblings were left to live alone with their father. Their father took good care of them until they came to the age that they could eat proper food without any help with chewing. Their father began to get more distance and one day he just disappeared, saying nothing about his leaving.
The two kits were left on their own and they wondered around the forest. When they were old enough they began to wonder further and soon they found themselves in FeatherClan's camp. Leafstar offered them to stay and as two kits agreed on this, Leafstar named them as Fallpaw and Autumnpaw
The first moons of Fallpaw's Clan life were full of joy as she and her brother were so bonded together. They shared a lot together and they were at the time known as the loudest and the most energetic apprentices.
Fallpaw got to known into apprentice called Nightpaw, who soon became her and his brother's target of their tricks. Soon enough Fallpaw though began to grow more and more feels for the warm gray tom and she watched how only her brother made tricks on Nightpaw.
Time passed and Fallpaw along with Autumnpaw went up towards MistClan's border, spotting one of FeatherClan warriors, Dustlight, meeting up with black-and-white tom. They promised to be quiet about it as Dustlight seemed to be more than embarrassed by the situation.
One day, Fallpaw decided to ask Nightpaw, would he like and go hunting or just randomly to walk with her. He agreed and they headed to the forest where they both get into a tiny competition, who can reach the top of the highest tree of the area. As they both reach the top, they admire the sighs of it, vowing how FeatherClan cats were the best.
Without them expecting, an eagle attacks them and Nightpaw protects Fallpaw from it, causing that he falls from the tree all the way down and at the result breaks his jaw and leg. Fallpaw blames herself for the event and still feels guilty about it.
Nightpaw recovered yet he couldn't be a warrior anymore. Soon Leafstar announces that he becomes an medicine cat's apprentice and for Fallpaw's bad, he leaves the den that she, he and Autumnpaw used to share. He also gets named as Nightbreeze.
More time passed and Autumnpaw came up to Fallpaw, deciding to take her sister to the edge of one mountain (or highland area) he had found. As the siblings spent time there, a badger came and before Fallpaw could notice, Autumnpaw protected her from the evil badger, managing to get it flee but he fell of from the cliff into the water. Screaming out for his name, Fallpaw ran up to the shore and watched how Smoke, a loner, pulled her wet and lifeless brother from the water. This event broke her heart and all she could do was to cry for the lost of her dear brother who was the only one left from her family. 
Time passes and finally Fallpaw reaches the end of her training, earning her full warrior name, Fallpetal.


:bulletwhite: - Don't know.../Not sure about
:bulletblue: - Friend
:bulletgreen: - Good Friend
:bulletyellow: - Best Friend
:bulletpink: - Crush/Attraction
:bulletred: - Love
:bulletblack: - Hate/Jealousy/Dislike
:bulletorange: - Respect
:bulletpurple: - Family
:heart: - Mate


:bulletorange::bulletwhite:Leafstar (BizTheWolfLover)
thoughts: "Our Clan leader. I respect her yet I don't know much personal about her."

:bulletorange::bulletblue:Dustlight (FlareAKACuteFlareon)
thoughts: "FeatherClan's deputy. I have high respect for her too and I can say that she is my friend. She has been around ever since me and my brother came to this Clan."

:bulletorange::bulletwhite::bulletblue:Duskflower (FlareAKACuteFlareon)
thoughts: "Our Clan's senior warrior and Dustlight's mother. I have high respect for her and she is kind~ Understanding too"

:bulletorange::bulletwhite: (Chissanity)
thoughts: "I have barely ever talked to her; only thing I know is that she was my ex-mentor's, Gorseblaze's, sister. And now she is in the nursery. I guess I should get to known her..."

:bulletorange::bulletgreen:Softdawn (DevilsRealm)
thoughts: "Softdawn is a very good friend of mine! I am happy to be her friend and it is fun to spend time with her~"

:bulletorange::bulletblue:Settingsea (EeveelutionsGoddess)
thoughts: "Other friend of mine and Softdawn's sister! She recently became a warrior"

:bulletwhite:Sorrelpaw (FlareAKACuteFlareon)
thoughts: "I met her as a kit and haven't spoken to her since. I wonder how she is doing? She at least seems cheerful alike me when I was an apprentice yet we don't share the same blood."

:bulletwhite:Nettlepaw (Gingerblazee)
thoughts: "Sorrelpaw's brother, who became an apprentice before she did. Haven't spoken to him in a while either"

:bulletorange::bulletwhite:Oakshade (RandomKittyArtist)
thoughts: "My latest mentor who finished my training. He was kind and I was happy he could finish off my training!"

:bulletwhite::bulletblue:Tingerpaw (MissMaple79)
thoughts: "He is my very first apprentice! I hope he will learn a lot from me"

:bulletorange::bulletwhite:Skylight (Music-Soul-Eon)
thoughts: "Haven't spoke to him in ages"

:bulletblue:Sunpaw (xMochaMint)
thoughts: "She used to be one of my den mates~ I wonder how she and Berrypatch are doing"







:bulletorange::bulletyellow::bulletpink:Nightbreeze (XxAyakoxX)
thoughts: "I loved you and I never got to say it aloud for you... I still miss you and I hope you'll never stop visiting me in your dreams... I still would've wanted to tell you how I honestly felt and I hope you know the truth now..."

:bulletorange::bulletpurple::bulletyellow::bulletred:Autumnpaw (XxAyakoxX)
thoughts: "Oh my dear brother how I miss you so... All we have experienced together and then you saved me from that badger... I could've never payed back what you did for me... I love you my brother and I'll never forget you...Ever"

:bulletwhite::bulletblack:Tigerflight (Kimi-Celine)
thoughts: "My very first mentor who treated me alike a crow food! I'll never forgive him how he ignored me and my training..."

:bulletorange:Gorseblaze (Flaring--Supernova)
thoughts: "He was my second mentor and he at least paid attention on me. I was happy how far he got with my training yet he went and died... I hope he rests in peace"

Other cats of mine (in The-Six-Clans):
Dustlight - FeatherClan
Duskflower - FeatherClan
Fallpetal - FeatherClan
Sorrelpaw - FeatherClan
Flamedapple - SparkClan
Redpaw - SparkClan
Minkkit - SparkClan
Ripplewing - MistClan
Burningpaw - MistClan
Shadestream - TornadoClan
Bluepaw - TornadoClan
Froststar - ClawClan
Blaze - Rogue
Persephone - Loner

Screen shots/Pictures where Fallpetal is included
The-six-Clans - Seeing as FeatherCln is the best!
Splishhhh Splassshh
three friends
TsC - Fallpaw's assessment
TsC - Track down your mentor
TsC - Are you seeing me Autumnpaw
TsC - I wished I could feel you again

Roleplay scenes where Fallpetal is included
deep blue
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His name is BurningLeaf ♥

Its okay if Im not allowed to :)
FlareAKACuteFlareon Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014  Student
Fallpetal is originally a rogue/loner (along with her brother who died) and later joined in the Clans.
The idea sounds interesting but sorry I pass :3

Thanks though!^^
AppleJaneBlack Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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