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February 27, 2013
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Shadestream - REF/Application for The-Six-Clans by FlareAKACuteFlareon Shadestream - REF/Application for The-Six-Clans by FlareAKACuteFlareon
More kitties to come~ This beauty is Shadestream :dummy:
I kinda love her design...:D I think I did pretty well with it~
This is for :iconthe-six-clans:

Name: Shadestream
Age: 22moons (1year and 10months)
Gender: She-cat (Female)

Clan: TornadoClan
Rank: Warrior

Appearance: Smoky bluish-gray she-cat with darker tabby-markings, flashes of White there and there and dark Blue a little bit narrowed eyes

Snowpaw - Sister (Passed)
Bluekit - Daughter
Powderkit - Daughter
Willowkit - Daughter

Mate: Nightmask
Former mate(s): Ashcloud

Current - None

Former ones:

Personality: Shadestream has a great ambition which makes her a such a hot-head. She's nasty and might snap all the time, but she tries to control her temper. She may act like she was the princess of the Clan, but that's not what she's really wanting to show like. She hates cats, who doesn't have the right Clan-blood in their veins, so this hate gets also into Half-clan cats. Shadestream may STILL have a soft spot somewhere underneath her...Nobody just haven't bothered to get it from the bottom to the reality.

Shadekit was born into TornadoClan along with her other sister, Snowkit. Her parents were both fully TornadoClan by themselves.
After Shadekit becoming Shadepaw, her life back then was joyful and she could see it positively. She and her sister Snowpaw were both very very close with each other that it was nearly impossible to tear them apart. But after her sister died by the wounds of rogue on their assessment to become warriors, her view of world changed completely. She also got her scars and nicked ear in the battle.
As Shadepaw got named alone as Shadestream she had to stand for her sister's dead and sit their vigil-night alone.
As days passed on Shadestream became more and more bitter about her sister's death, causing her hater towards those, who doesn't have Clan-blood in their veins.
After few moons Shadestream got more closer to Ashcloud and seeing through his roots she fell in love with him. As they once go out, the meet up with a rogue who manages to wound them both 'til the rogue claws Shadestream by her throat. She first insists for Ashcloud to help her, since she wanted to prove him by her hot-headness that she was still strong enough to go back to camp, but she fails and Ashcloud helps her into the medicine cat's den where she wakes up finding him sitting beside her worried.
As few more days passes and Shadestream has recovered enough, she and Ashcloud decide to go into tunnels and at there they stay at night. After this night they were officially mates.
As moons go by, Ashcloud soon notices Shadestream to have his kits. Even though he tries to hush her into the nursery she holds on still 'til the moment she, Ashcloud, Cinderstep and Swiftstorm get attacked by rogues. As three other warriors are handling the situation, Shadestream has her first hard pulses of the kits coming and on the next few days, she and Ashcloud gets three daughters: Bluekit, Willowkit and Powderkit.
**will be more later or some stuff may change**

:bulletwhite:Don't know...
:bulletgreen:Good Friend
:bulletyellow:Best Friend
:heart: Mate





:bulletorange::bulletgreen:Swiftpelt (xAquaMoonx)
1st thoughts: "He's one of my greatest friends in my Clan. He's also Cinderstep's mate...I respect him"
2nd thoughts: "...I and he have now same situation... Cinderstep and Ashcloud are dead... So I can deeply feel his pain as well as mine"

:bulletorange::bulletwhite:Featherstep (predwolf95)
1st thoughts: "Frozenbreeze's apprentice, hmm? I don't know her well..yet. It's hard to say what to think about her"
2nd thoughts: "I still don't know much about her apart from that she recently became full medicine cat"

:bulletorange::bulletblue:Darkheart (Hatchetfishies)
thoughts: "She's kind and noble warrior. She's easy to talk with. I respect her. She've got good hunting skills!"

:bulletorange::bulletwhite::bulletblue:Amberstar (espeonluvs)
1st thoughts: "She has became a deputy? Congratulations for her. She has my full support"
2nd thoughts: "She's leader now? I bet she'll lead us better than Wakingstar or Littlestar together did. Now I actually see good future for our Clan"

:bulletpurple::bulletred:Bluepaw (FlareAKACuteFlareon)
thoughts: "One of my three kits and the loudest of the litter. She surely has got my blood in her veins"
(2nd) thoughts: "She has now became an apprentice along with her siblings *purrs with smile* I wish the best for her"

:bulletpurple::bulletred:Willowpaw (Flaring--Supernova)
thoughts: "Second of my three kits, the youngest of them. She has got a lot energy too, just like her bigger sister Bluekit~"
(2nd) thoughts: "She has became the apprentice and I'm glad to see how well she and her siblings are still coming along"

:bulletpurple::bulletred:Powderpaw (xAquaMoonx)
thoughts: "Third of my kits and the last one. She's the most quiet one but she seems to have determination in her.. She also has copied her father's pelt-markings"
(2nd) thoughts: "Also Powderkit has became a Powderpaw *smiles* May StarClan bless all three of them"

:bulletorange::bulletwhite::bulletblue:Eagleflight (DevilsDog01)
thoughts: "Warrior of our Clan. I've only spoken to him once, when he brought some fresh-kill into the nursery"

thoughts: "...I don't know should I feel sorry or not for this apprentice...*sigh*"

thoughts: "...I don't know him well enough to make proper opinion of him...But he seems nice and I got some respect on him"

1st thoughts: "*shrug* I suppose I can assume him as a my friend yet I don't know him either so well"
2nd thoughts: "...My mate~ I still miss Ashcloud... But I know he'll want the best for me. And I must move on....No matter what others say about it"

thoughts: "...Nightmask's former mate... I respect her for making him to think seriously from his heart...Even though for her it didn't end well. I still wish the best for her"

thoughts: "I don't know him much... Yet he seems respectable warrior"

thoughts: "My former apprentice"



:bulletwhite::bulletblack:Smoke (XxAyakoxX)
thoughts: "...I-I...Just leave me be...P-please..."

:bulletblack:Vixen (Flaring--Supernova)
thoughts: "gaah! She talks none sense! But she didn't seam to be any threat...? Hmph what a lie! Those who've got no Clan-blood in their veins are disloyal!"

:bulletblack:Cedar (Chissanity)
thoughts: "And another unworthy cat! I'd have clawed his heart out of him if I had a chance! Asking for Clan-cat to join him? What an offer *rolls eyes* Something that I'd NEVER accept!*hiss*


:bulletorange::bulletblue:Galestorm (Feather334)
thoughts: "*sigh* ...May he have good time in StarClan with his mate"

:bulletorange::bulletblue::bulletwhite:Fernpool (Flaring--Supernova)
thoughts: "...She's friend of mine, but now in StarClan... May she rest in peace"

:bulletorange:Wakingstar (DrunkDOGS)
thoughts: "He's was leader before Littlestar. May he rest in peace"

:bulletorange::bulletblack:Littlestar bluestar32
thoughts: "..."

:bulletorange::bulletblue:Frozenbreeze (leaderofbloodscourge)
1st thoughts: "She's my Clan's medicine cat. I've heard gossips of that she has been a kitty pet...? If she's, then she doesn't seem like it...not at least much. I respect her and she has my full support"
2nd thoughts: "...She was one of those along with Ashcloud that gave me new faith in the non-Clan blooded cats... but she's gone too *sigh*...What our Clan will do without her?"

:bulletorange::bulletgreen:Cinderstep (Chissanity)
1st thoughts: "She's nice but gets too often into trouble for my taste! However... I guess we two understand each others?...and now we're both stuck in the nursery...*sigh*"
2nd thoughts: "...May she rest in peace"

:bulletorange::bulletyellow::bulletred::heart:Ashcloud (XxAyakoxX)
1st thoughts: "He saved my life...or so I would say *sighs* I love him above any cat else~ Along side with my Clan I would lay my life for him if he were in that great danger. I love him"
2nd thoughts: "Oh Ashcloud... Above every single cat why you had to die?! I feel so alone without you..."

Other cats of mine (in The-Six-Clans)</b>

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Screen shots/Pictures where Shadestream's in

Lost in thought - The-Six-Clans by FlareAKACuteFlareonEvery Time I see that SPARKLE in your eyes by EmijuTheFinnArtistTsC - See the new life - Shadestream X Ashcloud by FlareAKACuteFlareonsleep by XxAyakoxX
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NikkiTheKitten Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014  Student
this is cutee :33
FlareAKACuteFlareon Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014  Student
NikkiTheKitten Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014  Student
Yw i have little picture for you is Shadestream and Ashcloud ^^
MissMaple79 Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
(places rp and runs)

Windpaw slowly entered the nursery mid day one cloudy day. it was chilly out but not enough to bring a chill to her through her thick pelt. She spotted the familiar dark tabby that was.. or is her mentor. "shad stream?" she gingerly mewed in the quietest tone possible so she wouldn't wake the kittens "i-i anted to come see how you where" she mewed sitting down with her tail wrapped around her paws 
FlareAKACuteFlareon Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2014  Student
Shadestream lifted her head up. She had took a nap but had woke up a while ago. Her belly was swallow by unborn kits and her eyes were oddly relaxed. She remembered how she had hated this life above everything else and now it felt more calming than before yet she had a huge need still to go out and just run her heart out. "Hi Windpaw." she replied and blinked trying to shift herself on sitting position. "No need to whisper; I think other kits are outside with other queens" she mewed and shrugged. She didn't mind her time alone and she was actually happy to get it.
MissMaple79 Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Windpaw smiled as she noticed her swollen belly, she was excited to see her mentors new kits. "How is it going?" Windpaw mewed, referring to the pregnancy 
FlareAKACuteFlareon Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014  Student
"Mmh pretty well", Shadestream mewed and nodded her thanks by her apprentice's question. "I hope Dreamstar has fixed someone else to train and look after you." She added as her ear flicked and she blinked.
MissMaple79 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
"Yes, Honeyfern is helping with training while your here" she smiled
FlareAKACuteFlareon Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014  Student
"Alright, good then." Shadestream mewed with a nod. She felt a pinch on her chest knowing that she was carrying Nightmask's kits and how Nightmask's mate before her was Honeyfern but with a quick shake with her head she looked at her apprentice again. "I hope she is teaching you well"
MissMaple79 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
"so far yes" wind paw nodded "glad to see your doing alright, would you like me to grab you something to eat?" wind paw offered 
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