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October 13, 2013
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TsC - Track down your mentor by FlareAKACuteFlareon TsC - Track down your mentor by FlareAKACuteFlareon
For Fallpaw's moving up pictures :D This is second one~
Other Moving up pictures for Fallpaw to become warrior:
Daily Life


You can read the Roleplay from here:

The two cats arrived at the training area. "We're here." Gorseblaze said.
Fallpaw nodded and looked around carefully. "...What will we be learning first?" she asked and looked at him.
"A fighting move for smaller cats. Just in case we ever have a battle while you are still an apprentice, and you're fighting a bigger cat. You have to jump on its back, and claw its sides..but when we're practicing, keep your claws sheathed."
Fallpaw nodded and paid her full attention on him.
"...So yeah. You have to jump on me, and bat my sides. Hold on tight though, because I'm pretty sure your enemy won't just stand around while you claw it."
Fallpaw nodded again and leaped into a crouch narrowing her eyes a bit as she judged her mentor's size
"..And..let's start the training."
Fallpaw nodded and started to pad carefully up to his mentor. As she was close enough she quickly made a dodge move to a side and leaped on his back, trying to get grip from his back
Gorseblaze tried to shake Fallpaw off his back.
Fallpaw kept her grip still
Gorseblaze's attempts to shake Fallpaw off strengthened.
Fallpaw bit her teeth together trying to hold on but soon she felt her grip loosening and loosening until she gave up and leaped away earning some power for her leap from Gorseblaze's shaking.
Gorseblaze looked at Fallpaw, and smiled. "Hey, that was pretty good for a first time." he said.
"Well.. I'm not kit-sized anymore...or brained!" Fallpaw mewed cheerfully with a slight smirk.
Gorseblaze chuckled. "Hahah, I know that. Just saying. Let's try the move again, shall we? so you won't forget it."
Fallpaw nodded and grinned as she this time leaped straight away aiming onto his back again.
Gorseblaze tried to shake the apprentice off once again.
Fallpaw kept her grip this time she gave a soft blow at her mentor's ear nearly falling off from his back but managed still keep up her balance.


I'm pretty happy with this :D The shading and the background... All just turned out better than I expected :D
Also I wanted to try more close-up zoomed yeah
I hope you enjoy :meow:


Art & Fallpaw (c) me
Gorseblaze (c) *Flaring--Supernova
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LucatheSylveon Oct 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow!!!! i luv warrior cats too ^^
CrystalSprite Oct 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome! :D
KittenLoverPink Oct 13, 2013  Student Interface Designer
awwwww cute!!!!!
KittenLoverPink Oct 13, 2013  Student Interface Designer
welcome! anywayse, do you want to get back to swipedkit and burningkit's role play? I decided to have her change to a plain old, "hi my name is swipedkit or swiped for short, what's your name?"
ShinyTheKitsune Oct 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
so adorable ;v; just like i told ya~
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